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T Shirt Priner T6W

A:Product Information This printer can be used for printing most fabrics: cotton, polyester cotton, cotton, polyester, Lycra, modal, polyester fiber, bamboo fiber, etc. B: Main Feat ure 1.Epson 10080 print head 2.Clothing & pieces & large pieces printing, more comprehensive function 3....

Product Details

A:Product Information

   This printer can be used for printing most fabrics,such as:cotton, polyester cotton, polyester, Lycra, modal, polyester fiber, bamboo fiber, etc.


B:Main Feature  

1.Print head:Epson 10080

2.Clothing ,pieces and large pieces printing, more comprehensive function

3. New design screen printing technology: white color and digital print color ,but with lower cost

4. Using new generation EPSON print host and multi-station design, more efficient

5. Optional automatic spray pre-treatment system, more advanced function

6.Y axis use balls crew movement,it can assure the high precision as well as low noise.

7. Servo system and fuzzy electrical control, repeat printing more accurate

8. Standard laser sensor safety device, nozzle protection more secure

C.Ink Droplets Intelligent Transformation Tecnology

  Can follow the image content, spray three different sizes of round ink droplets, combined with a unified drop shape, precise drop positioning, improve print quality.  In different types of media can restore high-resolution mode Sharp text performance or smooth over gray scale. In addition, the droplet intelligent transformation technology can adjust the droplet injection in real time to adapt to the setting of the printing speed.


E:Detailed Images


1.Each print head integrated 10 misaligned print nozzles ,nozzle array width can reach to 2.64 inches and it is 2.64 times than the previous model . The nozzles numbers reached 2.4 times than before, 800 nozzles per color, the entire nozzle numbers reached to 8000 pcs. Because of the large size of the print head , the print head  scanning the surface of the medium after the media supply step, directly to enhance the printing speed. The printer hardware data processing capabilities enhance the print capacity is 3.9 times than the previous model. 

2.White Ink Circulation System



The machine have white ink circulation system, the white ink will circulate during second ink box, ink tube and ink damper  every 30 minutes. It can evoid the precipitation of the white ink!



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