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PolyJet principle

PolyJet 3D printing is similar to inkjet printing. PolyJet 3D printers spray ink droplets is not on paper, but the liquid Photopolymer layer spray

Down onto the tray and curing with UV. Build a layer at a time, until it creates a 3D model or prototype. Models that can be processed and instantly cured completely, no additional subsequent curing. 3D printer specially designed gel is also such supporting materials together with the model material injection, to support the overhanging and complex geometry. May be removed easily with water. PolyJet rapid prototyping 3D printing technology has many advantages, including excellent quality and speed, high precision and wide range of materials. Based on PolyJet technology, Stratasys produced the Objet Connex printer 3D is the only 3D printing different materials in the same print job into the print model with 13 d the superposition of manufacturing systems.

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