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New Machine - Large Format Laser Marking Machine


  1. Large marking format , which can easily complete a variety of marking processes to create rich value for customers;

  2. The marking effect is perfect. It can mark all kinds of fine complex patterns required by the user on the tiny surface, and the product has good yield rate.

  3. Marking speed, high efficiency, suitable for high-volume processing needs;

  4. The machine has long service life, high electro-optical conversion rate, and maintenance-free, saving processing costs for customers.

  5. Widely used in electronic components, hardware and tools products, electrical products, consumer goods, sensors, automotive parts, 3C electronics, handicrafts, precision instruments, gift jewelry, medical equipment, high and low voltage electrical appliances, bathroom industry, battery industry, IT industry And other areas, especially for high-end market, luxury goods industry, high-volume processing customers.

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